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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Morning Song

I have a cup of coffee in my favourite fruit mug as I smile to myself listening to the sound in our home this morning.  I can actually enjoy it because no child has had a melt down as of yet so the noise is a comforting one of children's feet running around, toys clambering around in buckets downstairs (some getting dumped out yet again), the gentle sound of Anika's voice chatting with Daddy, cereal being poured into a bowl and best of all... Ethan singing a Korean theme song downstairs!

Yes, a Korean theme song for a show on YouTube he simply cannot get enough of.  I chuckle at the fact that he has song it so many times now, it will likely be some ingrained knowledge later in his life should he choose to learn Korean... somehow, someway, he'll be able to say perfectly something about a rescue engine and an ambulance.

Life is not dull around here.

Anika is asking Daddy what the word "important" really means.  And Sivana is quiet, which kind of worries me, to be honest.

Anyways, it's just a small glimpse but it's the morning sounds of my life that I know will pass by all too quickly some day.

I wonder what sounds surround you as you read this... what has become so familiar to you that it almost goes unnoticed?  And on that note, I hear Ethan yelling at Sivana for something and Duane's response "Sivana!  Why are you naked?"

This is my cue to go.

Much love out there!  And God bless!!!

1 comment:

Kermo said...

This would make a great regular feature: Sounds of the Vaags. Just sit and write what you hear. Could be hilarious.
Also, please tell Ethan "Chal haeyo! Sugo haeyo!"