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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Getting Old

Ah yes, the signs of aging are beginning to stare back at me in the mirror!  Since our trip to Florida, I have been finding grey hairs... which was met with both intrigue and pride!  (Quickly followed by, "wow... this is the beginning of the end of my brown hair!").

Yep, someday I'll look in that mirror and see a wrinkled, grey-haired woman looking back at me and I will wonder where on earth time has gone!  Or maybe the cataracts will be similar to a soft-lens camera and I'll think I look better than ever!

Regardless, I am living my life and feeling good about what I have experienced thus far.  I can only imagine how I will reflect on my life in those days.

With that preamble, I was sitting on the couch the other afternoon actually indulging in the rarity of reading a book... yes, actually reading a book!  Anika is beginning to outgrow her afternoon naps and sure enough she came tip-toeing down the stairs and stood next to me on the couch as I continued reading an intense part of the book.

After a few more minutes of silence, she asked me "Mom, why do you have a grumpy face?"  I looked away from my book into her questioning eyes and said "What?"  To which she replied, "Mom, do you have a grumpy face because you're getting old?"

At this I burst out laughing!!

It really is fun to see how kids view the world.  So those of you who are grumpy around her, be forewarned she may think it's because you have not come to terms with getting "old"!  Hee hee hee!

Well my dear ones, may you rejoice in every well-earned wrinkle... every exhausted grey hair... every varicose vein that maps your leg out like a well-travelled story... and every migrating hair finding its way to places on your body you never dreamed you'd find hair!  LOL!  May you be timeless in who you are and loved for the time you are here.  God bless!

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