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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Truth shall set you free... or make your mama cry!

Ah from the mouths of babes...

If ever you are looking for an ego boost, do NOT turn to your small children! However, if you need a good laugh at yourself, they are the best ones to turn to.

Let me start by saying that I do NOT make for a graceful pregnant woman. I gain weight like it's nobody's business, retain enough water to wonder if local villages dealing with drought need to look at me as a culprit, and swell up like a blow fish to-boot! By the end of the day, my fingers and toes look like sausages and where my ankles should be are puffy stumps that resemble the softness and plumpness of marshmallows instead. I get to watch any definition between my chin and neck disappear by the third trimester so that I begin to look like a sock puppet and eventually gain a second chin. This would fine if it could be of service in some way but instead, I look as though I could grow some wings and deliver babies of my own from my pelican pouch!

Have a painted a pretty picture for you yet?

So nowhere in this process do I expect anyone to say "Oh you look great!" because quite frankly, I do not. But despite the process of building a new little life wreaking havoc on any sense of "sexiness", it is a privilege I embrace with my puffy arms!

My small children are great for telling things as they are. This means that when I am sitting next to Anika at the supper table, she will reach out to touch my upper arm, squeeze it like a rubber duckie and say "Oh, you are squishy."

Ah yes... many thanks, dear child.

Or, if it is a hot day and I am wearing my shorts and try to walk too quickly, Anika feels the need to point out that my bum is "dancing". And then proceeds to show me with her hands the motion with which my bum "dances".


Even Ethan will ask for cuddles on the "wocking chair" and then say to me if he tries to sit beside me "mommy's too big!"

Sheesh, you guys! It's one thing for ME to admit that I am not sporting a lovely size five waist but it is another to have others tell me I should order from Mu-Mu's-R-Us. (For the record, Mu-Mus are incredibly practical AND comfortable... yes, laugh at me if you must).

Alas, I greet you this Sabbath with a humble heart, a big bum, and sausage fingers that are trying not to type too many keys simultaneously. I hope this finds you making light of life's little ways (or many ways) of keeping you humble. I pray for God's blessings upon you and the strength to face life challenges with a laugh as you say to the very trials and tribulations that attempt to get into your lives, "Not from the hairs on my chiny-chin-chins!"


Jane said...

I just read this... think you'll enjoy ;)

It's more about the end of pregnancy but I think you'll appreciate it :)

Rita Vaags said...

Oh Jane! I laughed so hard reading that woman's version of "you might be nearing the end of your pregnancy if..."

I have also fallen in love with her blog, thanks to you!

If anyone needs a good laugh, you have got to treat yourself to that blog post. Thanks again, Jane!