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Friday, 2 July 2010

God's coming over!

Friday is busy with the hubbub of preparing for our "Sabbath" - cleaning the house, getting meals prepared for the next twenty-four hours, dealing with business, etc... Needless to say, the day is literally "a buzz" as we prepare to "meet with God" on His appointed day of gloriously anticipated rest!

Today is no exception (in fact, I am walking away from a sink full of dishes and kids yelling for my attention so I can quickly jot down what happened not even two minutes ago!).

Because the house is not always the most tidy house in the neighbourhood, anytime I am doing a thorough job of cleaning, Anika has learned to ask me "Mommy, who's coming over?" Sad, yes I know, that a clean state of house is recognized by my children as someone's coming over or preparing for Sabbath.

Today, as we are busy cleaning, Anika walked up to me once again and asked "Who's coming over?" In my cleverness (or what I thought was clever), I answered "God!"

"God is coming over???"

"Yep! He's going to be with us for all of Sabbath!"

"God's coming to our house??"


And she went back to playing rather fascinated by our anticipated guest. I was quickly distracted with my tasks once more and did a quick remaining "inventory of tasks" in my head nearly missing the van driving into our driveway.

One of Duane's customers was coming by to pick up some Bio-Ag products and I was nervous about helping him as I don't know where Duane keeps his inventory of products nor their prices nor how to invoice the customers. I much prefer that he handle that task and I just gladly feed any of them who came a long ways out.

Duane is busily cutting hay several miles away from home and he is not answering his cell to help me locate this customer's order... gulp!

I welcomed the man into our home and chatted with him and was quite relieved that he remembered where the products were from the last order. PHEW! Anika watched him a few feet away and I was surprised that she didn't bombard him with questions or to point out the pretty dress she had on!

After this man left, she looked at me with awe and said "Was that God?"

And in my very fit of laughter, I had to come and share with you how wonderful a child's perspective is on the world and how "clever" remarks can come back and bite you with a good dose of humour!

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