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Monday, 4 February 2008

Leaping Lizards!

My fever lasted three days but with every passing day, the beauty of Mexico took over all uneasiness and began to fill me with awe. Sunday we walked through Mismaloya to the local zoo. We laughed at the many different animals and the freak out sessions when we’d feed them zoo treats. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw an ostrich… I had no clue those things were so massive!!!

By far the best part was playing with the tiger and leopard cubs! Mina and I went into the pen and held tuckered out little cubs. They were surprisingly heavy for their size and their huge paws reminded me of what these “cuties” would eventually become.

Later that evening, we rode the bus to town (a story in and of itself) and walked the Melecon (boardwalk). Sundays are when all the locals come out and it is one big fiesta along the ocean… performers, musicians, vendors, lots of food, etc… The waves were crashing along the shore and the mood was certainly captivating. Quite a cultural experience.

Monday, as I was walking out of our internet cafĂ© at the hotel, I noticed a lizard scurrying by. Of course, I giggled because they look so funny. I followed it to the edge of the pool (which by this point was quite nice and warm much to Mina’s delight). Thinking I had cornered the little stinker, I inched closer to him. To my dismay, he got up on his hind legs and RAN ACROSS THE WATER!!! Even the lizards are religious!!! LOL! I nearly bust a gut laughing my head off! You should have seen him. He looked like he was leaning back and his feet were running like the road runner. Man o man, if only I’d caught that on video.

So far, Mexico is certainly starting to grow on me… just like these strange bug bites.

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