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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Advil Liquigels Bus

Ah yes, riding the buses of Mexico… I call it a ride because the only other place you’d experience anything like this is at an amusement park. I’ve never been bounced around so ferociously in my life! Poor Anika, I held on to her so tightly… although she LOVED the bus and almost always falls asleep on it. Mina has accepted it as the way to travel around here.

To my dismay, I watched as the bus driver barely stopped to pick up a young mother who was nursing her baby. She hopped on, paid the bus driver as he continued to pick up speed and round corners, and she found a seat without batting an eye. Her baby didn’t even stir!!! I can barely carry that much grace IN my chair holding on for dear life!

I think those buses should carry sponsored logos by any headache or nausea remedy!

Yesterday, we got to visit with Duane’s uncle Jack and his wife Nancy and her parents, Doug & Florence. It was a delightful visit. We ventured into Mismaloya where we dined in a restaurant that literally had free-ranging chickens running around and a pitiful looking dog wandering about our feet. Hmmm, who mentioned the sanitary issues here?? It was challenging trying to let Anika walk around yet steering her away from chicken poop and stray dog germs. But the openness is something I absolutely fell in love with here. There are no doors or glass windows, just wide open space into shops, stores, vendors, restaurants… just wide open.

Trying to picture Winnipeg attempting that kind of openness during summer months… no one would leave their homes due to mosquito human massacres!

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