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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

My pot of gold

Driving home with the girls from school was delightful despite the ominous clouds far East in the distance. Where we were, the sky was a gorgeous blue. I love those moments where it seems as though two worlds are colliding: happy blue vs lurking doom. As we got closer to home, a rainbow appeared and would you believe that it looked like it ended right on our farm?? Wow! This of course reminded me of a childhood memory which tickled my thoughts and left me smiling...

I remember a rainy day on the farm in Ste-Anne and the sun's pathetic attempt at shining through the clouds now and again. I must have been about five years old. I had looked out the back window and saw a rainbow. It looked so close that I asked my father if we could go in the blue truck and find the end of it.

Without hesitation, he stepped away from his farm work and off we went in search of the pot of gold I was sure we would find. "Go this way… no that way. Okay, keep going this way..." On and on we went and I couldn't understand why it seemed like the rainbow kept running away from me.

I don't remember how long we drove around, but my father never once shattered the hope in my eyes by explaining the reality of rainbows. He let me dream and believe in something that reached beyond reality to discover within myself that I should always chase the never lose sight of that pot of gold.

I was discouraged when we got back home, but the impression I was left with was that I could try harder next time. And the importance was that I had tried at all.

I am grateful to my father for having let me be me. I am grateful to rainbows for representing so many things in my life. And I am grateful to have discovered that it has always ended within me, that my pot of gold is my dreams and hopes for this world. But most of all, I am grateful for the Son for knowing just how to light up this world to bring out the true colors of life.

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