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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Another kid in our lives

Praise God for the miracle of life and creation! No, we are not expecting another one, but we do have a new kid... Our Nigerian Dwarf goat, Molly, birthed her little baby yesterday.
It's rather funny because my extreme city-girl friend, Allison, was over for dinner last night and she is fascinated by farm life but very quickly creeped out and grossed out. Just mentioning certain things to her make her feel queesy. I told her we had a couple of goats and one would birth any day now so we headed out to see them. When we got there, we looked into the pen and just as I heard the tinest little "baaaa" I saw the little black kid wobbling on her new legs. Then Allison yelled "EWWWWW what is that???!!!!" I looked over and there was Molly eating a dangling red piece of placenta... I can barely type this because I'm laughing so hard!!!
So our dear city girl nearly fainted! She thought Molly was eating her baby. Never a dull moment over here, I tell ya!

Molly is such a good mommy and little Mabel is so very cute. Man, can those things baaaa loud when you pick them up!
Well, baaaaaaack to your day, folks! (yes, another groaner from yours truly)

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