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Monday, 19 March 2007

Anika Joy - 8 weeks old!

Can you believe eight weeks have already come and gone??? It’s official… I am excluded from this “time” concept because it keeps happening without my realizing it.

And what of our darling Anika Joy, you wonder? She has been smiling since a couple of weeks after birth but now she is abundant with those priceless, toothless grins. It begins with her eyes twinkling followed by her beautiful smile. Her eyes are such a brilliant blue bursting from the pupil… sometimes you think you’re looking at a galaxy. Her awareness continues to amaze me. She is interested in everything happening around her. Paintings are among her favourite things to look at. When we are at Tante Diane and Uncle Richard’s house, we have to walk around and look at all the paintings.

She weighed in at 12 lbs 8 oz last Wednesday… a considerable weight gain! Our midwife kept saying “she is such a big girl!”

Anika seldom cries. In fact, instead of getting upset, she just gives short yells. We’ve been blessed with a few solid nights of sleep (from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am) but she still occasionally wakes for a middle of the night feeding. Again, she just gives a couple of little shouts to let me know it’s feeding time… quickly followed by a big grin when she sees me.

She has been batting at her toys for weeks now and she reminds me of a boxer when she swats at her toys! She even gets the rhythm of the toy bouncing back!!! It’s hilarious. She’s discovered her voice and we’re on the verge of hearing her laugh for the first time. Right now, it still sounds like a painful cough… but I know it’s coming soon!

She seldom accepts being held in a lying position – only if it’s almost bedtime. Instead, she wants to be held upright where she can look around at everything and everyone.

My heart can barely contain the joy at times and I find myself bursting out in laughter at her incredible cuteness.

Her presence is such a blessing and I thank God for the miracle of Anika Joy.

Take care, all of you!

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