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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Do & Observe Whatever is Read from the Seat of Moses

Matthew 23:1-3 are words in red. Our Redeemer, Yeshua (Jesus) taught that whatever is read from the seat of Moses (where Torah/Law) was supposedly read from, is to be done and observed. He then commanded in Matthew 28:20 to teach the nations to observe everything He taught. This sure explains why in Matthew 5:19 Yeshua proclaims that those who DO and TEACH the Law & Prophets will be called great in His kingdom someday!  Hooray!  But we are not to be hypocrites like those who are hearers of the Word only! So I do my best to do and observe the Torah because my Redeemer commanded me to. I believe Him! May it glorify our righteous Law-giver by pointing right to Him!  Hee hee!!  And don't mind the freeze frame for this video... super unflattering!  But so are my humbling mistakes on this walk... there's a true-to-form, less-than-flattering summary of who I am!  LOL!!

I found this interesting article/summary on the topic of Moses' Seat:
Eleazar L. Sukenik, in his important study published in 1934, Ancient Synagogues in Palestine and Greece, provided several examples of “Chairs of Moses” found by archaeologists. The one at Hammath-by-Tiberias is most interesting, because the back of the chair faces towards Jerusalem, picturing the law going forth from that direction as the synagogue audience is facing Zion. Stone seats positioned so that their occupant sat facing the congregation have been found in synagogues at Chorazin (cf. Matt. 11:21, Luke 10:13) in 1962, in En Gedi, and two Diaspora synagogues, (1) in Delos, the marble seat found in its ruins is probably the oldest example of a seat of Moses known (ca. 100 BC), and (2) Dura-Europos. Noel Rabbinowitz says this evidence taken together bolsters our conviction that the “Seat of Moses” was a physical seat upon which the Pharisees sat.[1] He goes on to explain that most of the synagogue furniture was made of wood, which is why so few of these objects have survived. 

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