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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Digging for gold... or hairclips?

My darling twenty-three month old son is NOT lacking in character...

Every day is an "adventure" where he is concerned. What will he hit his head against today? What will cause him to bleed today? What will he attempt to climb, or conquer, or fall off of today? Will he eat his food or will it have to be shoved in again? Will he wake up happy or screaming?

Well, apparently I should ask myself "what strange and unexpected thing will he SAY today?" Usually that department is left to Anika who often talks about the rainbow frog in her tummy that hurts her from time to time. Apparently it's the same rainbow frog that hurts grandpa's tummy. I have no clue why it is a frog or why it is multicolored, for that reason, or most importantly - why it hurts her tummy! But she has also talked about back when she was a boy and used to drive a tractor!! And elephants that swallow her.

Okay... not lacking in the imagination department over here!!

But the other day, the tables were turned (almost literally) as we went from paying attention to Anika's anecdotes to looking at Ethan whose finger was up his nose alarmingly high! We all went quiet as we watched in amazement how this child could practically tickle his own brain at this point and finally I asked him "Ethan, what are you looking for up there?"

Without missing a beat, (and with a nasal voice) he replied "a hair clip!"


Thankfully none of my hair clips have gone missing. Even as I type this, he has just walked up to me wearing his favourite butterfly headband and has just knocked his head (twice) on the desk.... knocking OFF the headband and now running away yelling.


Well, I will never EVER complain that my life is boring, that is for sure!!

So may this reach you out there maybe laughing at any "digging for gold" stories that have been in your own life. (I am reminded of my old friend whom at the age of fourteen thought it was pretty darn cool to snort a cooked spaghetti noodle up her nose and pull it out of her mouth... until one got stuck and she ended up in emergency. Hee hee hee!) Oh the things we do in the name of entertainment!

God bless you out there and anything that may reside in your nose!

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