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Sunday, 6 June 2010

About Baby Vaags

Some additional news regarding our unborn baby...

At sixteen weeks, I went for an ultrasound only to discover that they wanted me to come back in six weeks to further investigate the solid mass that was appearing where the baby's left kidney should be. May 19th was when we finally got our fetal assessment and we learned that Baby Vaags has several cysts within the peripheral wall of the left kidney. What does this mean? As long as the cysts do not cause any problems (infections, pain, etc...) then they will simply leave it alone. They cannot assess if there is any function in that kidney at this time but the good news is that the right one is perfectly beautiful and working 100%! We have been blessed with many prayers and reassurances from others who know of friends and family members who have lived fulfilling lives with only one kidney.

It is not what we would hope for but my sisters offered me great peace, in particular, my sister Linda who pointed out to me: "God never gives us more than we can handle. He promised us that. So this is a testament to the STRENGTH He has ALREADY equipped your children with who will face a life time of health issues."

WOW!!! Never even thought to look at it that way! To me, it just felt like an innocent, helpless little baby thrown into a lion's den and all I can do is watch helplessly outside this locked cage and pray fervently that the lions are not hungry or perhaps vegetarian!! Instead, that comment helped me realize that no differently than God equipped a small David with a few stones to face a giant Goliath, He has not left my children unequipped to face their health issues...

Isabel, with her toothy grin and gentle disposition. She brings joy to so many people's hearts despite her physical limitations and sufferings.

Ethan with his intelligence will no doubt seek answers or at least be capable of the self-discipline required in keeping himself safe from his many allergies.

And now Baby Vaags... we shall see what character will emerge with this one and how that will serve him/her in the purpose of living life with one functioning kidney. But the comfort is there in knowing God will not leave Baby Vaags defenseless.

And for this mother who cannot yet understand why three of her five children must deal with significant health issues, it is a comfort beyond words that these children rest in His loving hands. And no differently than the way His Will kept Daniel safe in the lions' den, so will He keep these children safe from anything that could destroy them.

I do not have to fight those battles or feel guilty that I cannot. I can seek comfort in our Lord's grace and TRUST that all will be for His glory in the end.

Peace be with you all out there. I have missed you and this feeling in my heart when I finally sit and devote my attention to reaching out and connecting. May you all find comfort in your own battles trusting that as far as you get stretched, someone knows your capabilities better than you do and you are stronger than you think. Much love, ALWAYS!

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