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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sweet Cookie Goodness!

Last night I baked my first batch of fresh cookies in fifteen months!

Such a simple little task and yet it was as though I was baking cookies for the first time in my life. My first surprise was how much sugar and butter goes into cookies!! I almost felt guilty baking them and feeding them to my family! I have had an unopened 1 Kg bag of white sugar for the last year and I think I used an eighth of it last night... sigh. And the butter? A cup of butter will easily last us about a week or two in this house but I used a WHOLE cup in that glorious mixture of heavenly sinful yummy goodness that melts in your mouth... oh dear, must wipe up the drool (or go have my third cookie of the day!).

I am thinking I may not be able to make these cookies too often as all form of self-restraint is out the window. I find it sad that as I am playing outside with the kids this morning, my thoughts keep going back to those perfect little circles on my kitchen counter that are packed with butter and sugar (but hey, some rolled oats, too). Please tell me that some of you out there are also asking yourselves "Does anyone else think about cookies as much as I am right now?"

Even as I type this, the remnants of my morning snack lingers in my mouth like a taunting tease. Listen to me! You'd think I was talking about a long lost lover or something... but it's COOKIES for crying out loud! COOKIES!

Needless to say, going off my hypoallergenic diet has proven to be disastrous... I have quickly re-adapted to the conventional north american diet of gluten-rich, cheese-ridden, dairy filled food. And while my taste buds have certainly celebrated the long lost connection, my body certainly has not!

Granted, I typically gain quite a bit of weight with each of my pregnancies, regardless of diet & exercise but this one may very well be a record! I am seventeen weeks pregnant and have gained a pound for each week that I have been pregnant!!! Despite the fact that my tiny little baby only weighs five ounces... sigh. Let's blame the doubled blood volume, increased breast tissue and litres upon litres of amniotic fluid... yeah, let's go with that!

Anyways, all of this to share with you the sheer delight in eating a homemade cookie once again. Pretty sad, I know, but part of me is also hoping that some of you will post some comments to reassure me that I am not alone in this sudden obsession!! PLEASE!

Did someone say "cookies?"

It's been a long time since I have made a point of sitting down to blog and there is much to update but instead, I chose to talk about cookies. I will let this moment pass and try to be more diligent in sharing updates about the actual living human beings who are supposed to matter more to me than food! Much love to all of you out there and here's hoping you each have that one special something that brings you sweet joy and excitement!!

1 comment:

Cindy said...

I typically am a real sugar machine so I can relate. However oddly enough having a peptic ulcer turns me off of sugar right now. It sure helps with the diet though.
Enjoy and have fun!
Your Cousin,