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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Will you unite with me in prayer?

There are many of you who bless me by reading my blog... There are many of you who bless me and my family through your prayers. How else could Ethan have experienced the AMAZING healing that he has over this past year if not for the army of prayers flooding in on his behalf??

I would like to ask for this very strength to be extended to a family's healing that I am fervently praying for. I will not delve into any details out of respect for this beautiful family but know this: there is a deep and hurting history and it is about to be mended!

I cannot begin to tell you the beautiful tears of joy I have shed KNOWING that God's victory is coming through this! That He loves these people SOOO much that He would have them suffer as they have so as to experience the DEPTH of His grace and forgiveness and mercy! He knew all along that this would not be an endless pain even though it appeared that healing would be near impossible. He KNEW that He loved them that much from the beginning and He wanted their healing to be TOGETHER as it has been evolving!

I am shedding tears from the sheer beauty of what has been revealed to me!

I have been PRIVILEGED to be a part of this process... to be witness to God's miraculous and gracious works through their hearts. I am humbled by them as they have each willingly drudged through past pains in order to love each other deeply enough to make PEACE with where they can be at as a family from this point onwards.

There is a critical step about to take place and I am determined to have an army of prayer uplift each person's step in this process. Will you unite with me to pray for this family as God works His victory through their hearts?

Will you gift them the very blessing you gifted me all this time?

And will you rejoice with me when I exclaim "It is done! The broken have been mended, the bridge has been built and the old patterns have been destroyed! All in the name of God!"

Thank you! I cannot wait to see the power of our unison! And for each of you out there aching in your hearts for the distance that seems insurmountable within your own families, please find peace in knowing that God's glory can be found in the darkest of places. In fact, when you would least expect light to be found, that is where it is the most brilliant! Do not lose hope and do not stop working on your own heart's readiness to forgive and to love. Old habits will never hold up to the Holy Spirit! And may these prayers find you where you are in within your own family dynamics and bless you richly for the times you chose to exemplify God's love through grace and mercy... even if it went unnoticed. I love you all!

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