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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

I think I can, I think I can…

At long last the time had finally come to prepare to leave for Mexico. We were less than 24 hrs away from driving out to Minneapolis where we would fly out to Puerto Vallarta… the very place I have been dreaming of visiting since I was fourteen. As fate would have it, a blizzard warning came into effect. I drove the girls out to school that morning and had to make a bit of a revving start through a snow drift that was making its presence known at the end of our driveway. Thought of encouragement? This time tomorrow, we’ll be headed for warmer weather.

A windchill warning was in effect plummeting temperatures to -46 degrees Celsius. After ploughing through several snow drifts throughout the morning drive, I finally made my way back to our driveway. The snow drift had become rather mountainous… but I was determined to get my overtired one-year-old into the house for a nap. I gained some speed and gave it my best shot… only to end up royally stuck in the drift. I ran to the house to grab a shovel and began a humble attempt at digging myself out. It hurt to breath and within seconds, my nose and ears felt like they were going to burn off from frost bite. Jumped back into the van where Anika was now sleeping peacefully. Took a deep breath and called Duane at work. In a meek voice, I explained my dilemma. Suddenly, the engine light chimes… great. What else can go wrong?

Once again, humility took over when our poor neighbour (and cousin to Duane) Roger came over to dig me out of my mess. I felt so bad sitting in the warm van watching him get redder and redder in the face as he was digging me out of my own not-so-smartness. Finally it came time to push so he moves over behind the van. One, two, three! SMASH! I think humility visited Roger as he looked at me and said, “I just pulled a Duane… I pushed on your rear tail light and busted it!” See folks? Whenever you ask “what else can go wrong?” you ALWAYS get an answer! The van still wouldn’t budge and now it was missing a tail light and we still needed to inspect the engine light issue… and this is the vehicle that is supposed to carry us safely through to Minneapolis? Sigh. Mexico was looking further and further away.

After a few more shovels of snow and a switch in position, I managed to help push the van out while Roger steered (clear of the other tail light… just kidding, Roger! Hee hee hee!). Now we needed to get the van in quick for an inspection, plus get the tail light fixed and still pick up the kids in town by 3:30 pm.

Luckily, our mechanic is phenomenal and he hoisted up the van and chipped away all the ice that had wedged its way into the mechanics and belts of the engine. Duane’s captain managed to locate a tail light for us and was willing to let Duane install it at the fire hall assuming the gong didn’t go off and they had to attend a call. I was late picking up the girls but at all was forgiven when we picked up some Tim Hortons. Off we went to Duane’s hall to fix the last problem… the tail light.

Once there, the van needed some serious thawing before the boys could remove any screws and other mechanics. Finally, they managed to get the broken tail light off and began wiring the new one. I was standing back with Anika in my arms when I pointed out… “um, you guys? Why does the one in your hand look exactly the same as the right tail light?” Sure enough, they picked up the wrong tail light!!! Off goes the ever-so gracious captain to fix our problem. An hour and a half later, we finally finish fixing the tail light and off I go with all three girls to get home to my no-doubt-burned-lasagna at this point.

Final packing details are taken care of and finally it feels real that we are going to Mexico… but what a journey to get there!!! The Lord does not hesitate to prepare our hearts of true appreciation!

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