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Wednesday, 7 June 2006

A Song for Isabel

I can only imagine heaven’s tears
As the angels waved goodbye.
And with determination you came to me
Heaven’s remnants in your eyes.

Baby, baby darling born to me
Life has spared you no pain
And though you cannot speak a word to me,
I hear what you say,

“Life is every breath you take
Whether laboured like mine or not,
And success is every step you take
Doesn’t matter if you can’t walk.”

“Beauty is what you choose to see
It doesn’t matter if you’re blind
The truest love is unspoken
Through prayers for humankind.”

Baby, baby darling born to me,
I’ve learned so much from you
Your sacrifice unites family
And strangers know you, too.

But hush my little baby
This pain won’t last too long
You’re wings are growing stronger
They are hearing heaven’s song.

But you do not end this journey
Until love has sowed its plan
You smile as life escapes you
Until you feel we understand…


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beautiful :D