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Tuesday, 28 January 2003


I have wandered my world for twenty four years and in that time, I have discovered many things…

That grass was meant to be walked on barefoot and examined closely with a magnifying glass and a young child.

That water was meant to hold you and surround you with serenity and wonder.

That rain was meant to cleanse and share with you the magic of the elements dancing with your emotions.

That wind was meant to be heard, for its wisdom rides on the back of a thousand voices and whirls its way around you, sometimes chilling with things you didn’t know or want to know, and sometimes refreshing with reminders of life’s truth and beauty.

That stars were meant to be caught in the hands of faith and shared with those who dare to breathe that same fragile air of believing the world is still good.

That the moon was meant to be held and lulled to sleep in the arms of the ocean tide and to drift amidst the dreams that wash up along its shore.

That sand was meant to be piled high and crumbled down to remind us that nothing lasts forever but we can always enjoy rebuilding it.

That darkness does not suffocate nor ambush your uncertainty but rather invites you to rest peacefully when dreams can protect you from lurking shadows.

That shadows cannot exist without light.

That hands were meant to hold and caress loved ones and the cheek of a lover’s smile.

That the heart was meant to break a thousand times in order to master its ability to mend itself again.

That the soul is without life if it is without faith.

And that laughter is without sound if it is without love and humility.

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